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I’m putting together a new group of photo galleries, based on the idea that pictures with a common theme and color connections may appeal to  an interior  designer who is working on create a room in a client’s home. I’m calling these galleries “Designer Collections“.

Heart of a Hollyhock

Heart of a Hollyhock

My newest front page display is the first Designer collection:  Botanical, Color. Mostly leaves, some flowers. All have been chosen for the quality I want:  serene, a little mysterious, and endlessly beckoning  like nature itself.  These are tiny pieces, tiny bits of life with their own internal and external structures and beauty and the movement of their growth that I try to capture: I try to capture the glow.

This is what I hope for the Botanical Designer Collections: that these are images you would hang on your walls, that they would bring nature indoors and enrich your personal space.

Earlier Galleries

Robert Ragazza: Third Prize place at the Triton Museum

Robert Ragazza

The Artist and The Art
A project I have been pursuing for several years now: a collection of photos of artists in front of their own art. I ask them to explain things about their art to me; and this gives wonderful expressions to their faces. It’s a great opportunity for me to work on portraits; and I hope it’s a good opportunity for the artists themselves, since I am hooking these photos up with a searchable contact information. (NOTE these photos will be moved to another wordpress site soon.)

(ALSO: see these photos on photoSmash at highest resolution)

Force Field Generator

Alien Force Field Generator

One of my favorite things – totally whacking an image until it looks like it came from outer space and was designed by an alien. Each of these photos has been subjected to several filters and/or transforms in Photoshop;  and, in general, I try many versions of a picture before I can find an image I want. Often I rely on “going where the image takes me”, with successive changes leading to multiple versions. Pictures of machines and shiny metallic objects already suggest the future: when morphed they can really look like things from science fiction movies. These are truly abstract constructions, whimsical and strange.

Tropical Leaves

Tropical Leaves (Strellitzia reginae)

Black and White
Some additional B&W Botanicals, these will probably get transferred to a new Designer collection.  I find it very interesting that sometimes using B&W – instead of color – really makes a picture better, more visually appealing. This is not a coincidence – B&W gives more detail, while color gives more warmth, and so B&W just works better for some images. In terms of a designer collection I think the advantage for B&W  is that it goes with any color scheme, and is more restrained – perhaps, better suited to a professional environment such as an office,  a hospital, a room with “high-tech” design, or a professional building entrance/hall display.

Burning Lotus

Burning Lotus

ArtArk: Mythology
This is a set of images I put together for an exhibit at ArtArk gallery in San Jose. I had been experimenting with distort transforms and color mapping and layers. I would take very minimal photos and then, in post-processing, I would change them to be abstract and creative  – lots of layered pieces. These images are intentionally surreal, dreamy, hypnotic.


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